You can have confidence in knowing that each of the masonry technicians at Harbor Pools & Patios have the skills necessary to make your dream a reality! When you’re ready to transform your backyard into an outdoor paradise, we’ll help guide you through the entire process. No matter your needs, desires or even your budget, Harbor Pools & Patios can make it happen! Let’s quickly go over the process.


After requesting an onsite consultation, our masonry experts will visit your home to discuss whichever type of design you wish to install on your property. We’ll also perform an extensive evaluation of where you want it to be built. This process provides us with more insight in regards to its functionality, appearance and interaction with other elements of your home.

Following the consultation, we’ll create a custom design based on your preferences, budget and, of course, our industry knowledge. Even if the design isn’t what you had imagined at first, we’ll make any requested changes before breaking ground. Moreover, once you give us the greenlight to move forward with the project, we’ll go ahead and begin building the masonry structure of your dreams!


You can have confidence in knowing that Harbor Pools & Patios uses only high-quality materials from reputable manufacturers for every job. In addition, our technicians have been trained to perform all kinds of masonry installations, providing a level of versatility unmatched by anyone else in the industry.

With a superior level of craftsmanship and experience, our technicians are able to envision exactly what our customers want and, in turn, bring it to life. When it comes to masonry work, we know that a close attention to detail makes all the difference. That’s why we place quality above everything else. By emphasizing thorough work from start to finish, we strive to leave every job feeling proud about the structure that we built.


As soon as we’re finished building, you, your family and friends will have a beautiful space where they can kick back and appreciate nature all year round – especially when the weather is warm. You’ll never regret making the decision of utilizing that empty space in your backyard in the best way possible! With everything you need to decompress and unwind, you won’t desperately crave those tropical vacations any longer.

In addition, the curb appeal and value of your home will most likely increase after adding an elegantly designed masonry structure to your property. So whether you figure you’ll move in a just few years once the kids are grown or you’re thinking about living there forever, you’ll still benefit greatly from any kind of installation. Don’t wait any longer to build that masonry structure you’ve been talking about for years! Learn more by contacting us today.