Turn your poolside area into a fully-functional oasis and eatery simply by adding an outdoor kitchen. Harbor Pools and Patios provides custom kitchens that will withstand all of the elements brought forth by Mother Nature. Our installers work hand in hand with you to give off your desired theme.

What are the benefits of outdoor kitchens?

  • Convenience – During spring, summer, fall, and occasionally winter, you likely invite guests over the house to spend some time sharing cuisine, cocktails, and quaint conversations. It only makes sense to have an outdoor grilling area that can assist in firing up anything from burgers and hot dogs to tacos and pasta. Plus, there’s virtually no cleanup. A few crumbs fell on the ground? It’s okay – if your family dog doesn’t get it, the neighborly squirrels and rabbits definitely will!
  • Fun – Everybody is going to want to come to you, and when you have your friends and family over to take a dip in your pool, you’re going to work up an appetite of enormous proportions. Stay energized and nourished without having to dry off and go inside. Just remember, wait thirty minutes before agreeing to partake in any swim races or flag football games.
  • Great Investment – By adding a custom outdoor kitchen, it will help boost your home’s resale value (assuming you do it right and hire professionals like the team hear at Harbor Pools.) Also, don’t forget, outdoor kitchens can help you cut back on utility bills like heat, A/C, and electricity. Forget about Netflix and Xbox for a minute, and have some good old fashioned fun with your loved ones!

Do it your way! When customizing your own outdoor kitchen, there are endless options to choose from. Do you want a grill, refrigerator, and some outdoor lights? Maybe you’d prefer an oven, stovetop, and a sink or two? There is no wrong answer, and our experts are happy to help install a custom outdoor kitchen that suits your specific needs. For more information, call 609-270-1401 today or email us at info@harborpoolsandpatios.com.