Whether you’re selling your property or having guests over for a BBQ, the first impression of your yard goes a long way. This is why keeping a clean pool is paramount, and regulating your pH levels is critical. Pools with too low of a pH level become overly acidic, which is hazardous to swimmers. On the other hand, pools with a high pH level are too basic, and swimmers are prone to bacterial infections. Finding the right balance is important. The difference between having a 6.8 pH level [acidic] and a 7.8 pH level [normal] may not seem like a lot, but trust us; it is.

Harbor Pools & Patios carries a vast selection of the top-quality brands and products in the pool sanitation market. We take pride in stocking chemicals that are suitable for pools, spas, and hot tubs of any size.

We carry:

  • Sanitizers and Chlorine Tabs – Kill germs and swim safely with these beneficial pool treatment solutions.
  • Oxidizers – These products sanitize the water quickly and effectively so you can get right back into the water after treatment. Oxidizers can kill algae, boost chlorine levels, and they dissolve immediately. Plus, they won’t harm the pool liner!
  • Water Balancers – These products are crucial when needing to regulate the pH level of your backyard oasis. We have products that will:
    • Increase pH Levels
    • Decrease pH Levels
    • Increase Alkalinity
    • Decrease Chlorine Levels

Additionally, we carry filter cleaners, phosphate removers, and complete kits for testing and treating your pool. If you have a question about which product is best for your needs, call 609-270-1401 or email info@harborpoolsandpatios.com today!

Swim safe. Swim smart. Swim the Harbor way!