Take a visit to our retail store to learn more about the pool packages available from Harbor Pools and Patios.

In fact, at our store, you’ll find pool packages that have everything you need for your pool to function efficiently, and also to make sure your new pool stays in pristine condition for years down the road.

Custom Pools Are Our Specialty

When it comes to the summer, you’ll have to go to great lengths to find anything that offers more enjoyment than your very own swimming pool. At Harbor Pools and Patios, we offer all types of swimming pool shapes and sizes, and we also have no issue working with you to customize the look and feel of your new or renovated pool.

Want to enjoy a pool that’s designed by or the “designer” in your family? There’s no doubt that having a custom-designed swimming pool will meet your needs the best, and that it will add even more sentimental value to your home.

In the end, if you want to take the reins after our service crews install your new, completely customized pool and the necessary equipment, purchase one of our pool packages, and you can do just that!

To learn more about our pool packages, contact us today!